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<p>ImageryOnly Map</p>

ImageryOnly Map

This page contains torrents for 100% free and public domain raster maps for unlocked Garmin devices. The files are distributed via http-seeded torrent. I recommend you download the maps with qBittorrent.

See this post for instructions how to install these maps and others.

USGS National Map

I produced these maps from USGS National Map Data. The two types of maps are ImageryOnly (aka Satellite) and Topographical.

These maps were produced from images downloaded in late 2019.

Map File Size
Arizona ImageryOnly 29 GiB
Arizona Topo 16 GiB
Northern California ImageryOnly 23 GiB
Northern California Topo 15 GiB
Southern California ImageryOnly 17 GiB
Southern California Topo 13 GiB
Colorado ImageryOnly 26 GiB
Colorado Topo 17 GiB
Nevada ImageryOnly 23 GiB
Nevada Topo 16 GiB
New Mexico ImageryOnly 24 GiB
New Mexico Topo 15 GiB
Utah ImageryOnly 21 GiB
Utah Topo 15 GiB