Hi, my name is Tim, I’m a programmer and this is my blog.

I have a bit of a passion for puzzles and games. Puzzles come in two categories.

  1. Eureka moment puzzles. These come in the conceptual form of riddles, whether it be in a game or not.
  2. Permutation puzzles, which are boring to solve manually, but fun to write programs for.

Hopefully you’ll find the site littered with puzzles and solutions to both kinds of puzzles.

The rest of the site is going to be about overcoming technical problems, other programming projects, or anything that pops into my head. I’ll try to keep the minutia down.

I also do some freelance programming on the side. For more info, see DeadlyNinja Interactive.

If you wanna contact me, send me an email, the address is tim at analogbit.com