These are links to some free tools I’ve written.

Puzzle Solvers

7th Guest Infection AI - A superior AI to defeat the “infection” in the microscope game.

Sliding Block Puzzle Solver - A brute force sliding block-puzzle solver.

Optimal Fallout 3 Terminal Hacker - Helps with the mini game puzzles built into Fallout.


alsa-silence - A workaround for digital recievers that are slow to acquire digital signals.

edid-disable-exts - Modifies EDID binaries and removes the extensions flag. This can be used as an override for nVidia’s linux drivers that assume your monitor is a TV.

(unsupported) tcp-over-dns - A dns client and server. The client and server work in tandem to provide a TCP (and UDP!) tunnel through the standard DNS protocol. 

(unsupported) GapTrack - A command line wav splitter.