<p>1000 amps</p>

1000 amps

This is one of the greatest games you’ve never heard of.

I decided to start going through my endless steam list alphabetically and play each game. With a name starting with the digit ‘1’, this game came up first. I looked at it and thought, “Meh, I sort of like puzzlers, but this is probably lame”. But I went ahead and installed all 31 megabytes of this game anyway.

Wow, was I pleasantly surprised! The puzzle solving is addictive. It turns out its not just a puzzle game, but also a bit of a “Metroidvania” style game as well. After about 4-5 hours of collecting power ups, you eventually fight a mediocre end boss and that’s it. End of game.

“That’s it?” you ask? Yes, that’s it, and it is glorious. It’s just four hours of fun. There’s no levelling up or grinding of any kind. No cinematic movie at the end. Just fun gameplay for a short time.

Gameplay: 85%

<p>If you are stuck here, come back at the end</p>

If you are stuck here, come back at the end

  • Fun puzzles, could be slightly more difficult
  • Responsive gameplay
  • Trying to navigate to where you need to be can be frustrating, and repetitive
  • Map is poor quality and difficult to see

Technical Merit: 20%

  • Simple clean graphics, smooth animations
  • Bad game engine with no screen resolution options, appears to be built in flash