##First Impressions

<p>Jekyll Logo</p>

Jekyll Logo

Hi people of the interweb. I’m trying out different static site generators, because Drupal has failed me. But also, in general dynamic CMS’s are slow, vulnerable and buggy. First, I tried Hugo, a go lang static generator. Unfortunately it didn’t work right for me. The post you are currently reading was generated with Jekyll.


Well, I’ve switched the site over to Jekyll, importing took a little while because I wanted to clean up some of the html, or rather, convert it to markdown. Most content is cleaner and more consistent now.

Jekyll is a bit slow now, after configuring and building the site, the build time has increased to seven seconds! However, the site is being generated on a fairly weak cpu. In any case, seven seconds is on the verge of being unusable. I suspect the extra time is from an image plugin I’m using, I’ll play with it later.

I wanted to allow comments on the site, but I wanted to avoid manually maintaining a database, so I’ve gone with a free third party solution, Disqus. It lets you add comments to static or dynamic pages.