<p>Blood and Magic 1.01 Title Screen</p>

Blood and Magic 1.01 Title Screen

It took a lot of time and work hunting down this patch. So I decided to mirror it for you. Warning: Patch obliterates your save games.

Download the Patch: blood_and_magic_patch_1_01.zip

Patch Readme:

[Version 1.01]
This file contains errata and last minute changes which may not be 
covered in the manual for Blood & Magic.
The version 1.01 can be installed easily as follows:
1)Decompress the file using any common file decompression program such 
as PKUNZIP or WinZip. For instance, Pkunzip the Bam.zip file into 
the Bam directory. This will overwrite the executable and the readme
*Note: Previous saved games will not be compatible with the new 
The version 1.01 will address the following:
1)  The bug that occurs on Level 3 as Red (Aleric the Avenger). There
should no longer be a problem when the Brigand is attacked after
the game is saved.
2)  Modem and Direct Link - The performance of the game should be 
significantly improved.
*  IBM compatible 486DX-66Mhz computer with 8Mb of RAM.
(12Mb if run inside a Windows 95 DOS box.)
*  Microsoft compatible mouse.
Blood & Magic also supports many keyboard "quick keys".
*  Color monitor, and 256 color VGA graphics system.
*  Double-speed (300Kb/sec. or faster) CD-ROM drive.
*  Hard drive with at least 35Mb of free space.
*  MS-DOS version 5.0 (or better).
Blood & Magic can also be started from Windows '95.
*  Blood & Magic supports the following sound cards:
Sound Blaster and 100% compatible cards, Sound Blaster Pro, 
Sound Blaster16, Sound Blaster AWE32, Gravis UltraSound, 
Gravis UltraSound Max, Ensoniq SoundScape, Roland RAP-10,
Roland Sound Canvas, ESS AudioDrive, Microsoft Sound System, 
Pro Audio Spectrum 16, Thunderboard, ARIA Chipset, I/O Magic 
Tempo, MPU-401, NewMedia .WAV Jammer, Reveal FX/32, 
Sound Galaxy NX Pro 16, and Toptek Golden 16.
To start the game from the DOS prompt, make C:\INTRPLAY\BAM your
current directory (or change to the directory where Blood & Magic is
located), type "BAM", then press .  To start the game under
Windows '95, double-click on the Blood & Magic icon.  You will see a
series of cinematic sequences, followed by the Main Menu.  You can 
bypass any cinematic in the game by pressing .
Welcome to the Forgotten Realms, the most successful and appreciated
fantasy world created for game players.  From fertile inspiration to
limitless land of fancy, the Realms have grown over the years into the
prize gem of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons multi-verse.  Join us now
for a quest into the Forgotten Realms unlike any that has ever been
Blood & Magic takes place in an era of the Realms which has never
before been revealed.  It is before the Time of Troubles, in the land
to the east of the Great Sea, where powerful leaders create magical
armies to do battle with their enemies.  This arcane practice is made
possible by the Bloodforge, a mysterious artifact which forms living
golems out of raw magic.
You will assume the role of various mages who have mastered the
Bloodforge.  Court intrigue, rivalries, revenge and outright invasion
will draw you into conflicts with other masters of the art.  Your
campaigns will bring you to winding city streets, remote wilderness
camps, forgotten ruins of yore, and sites conjured straight out of
So leave your parties in the dungeon and your heroes on the quest, and
prepare yourself for the ultimate challenge... to conquer a realm by
way of Blood & Magic.
*** MAIN MENU ***
Use this option to play against the computer.
This option may be used to begin a head-to-head game with a live 
opponent. A two player game may be played over a network, via modem, 
or with a direct link connection.
The tutorial is designed to teach new users the basics for playing
Blood & Magic.
Meet the sideshow ensemble who squandered their lives in order to
bring you this quality product.
Use this option to view the Blood & Magic introduction.
This returns you to either DOS or Windows, depending on where you were
when you started the game.
*** 8 Meg Machines ***
Low Memory Systems:  If you have a low memory machine (8megs) and are 
running in dos, you may experience problems with Blood and Magic(tm). 
If you should encounter these problems, boot from a clean boot disk
with only the most necessary drivers loading.  These would include
the ems driver, normaly emm.386, the sound card driver, and the Cd-Rom
driver.  This should greatly help the stability of  the program in dos.
You can make a boot disk by running the bootme.exe program that is 
detailed below.
BootMe Version  1.0
Place the enclosed disk in your A:\> Drive.  At your dos prompt 
(C:\>), type the following:
A:           < Hit Enter>
This should place you at your C:\> prompt, with the instructions
'type bootme to run' displayed at the top of the screen.  Simply
type BOOTME and follow through the onscreen instructions to 
create your bootdisk.  Use this disk to boot your system when 
you intend to run your game.  Please be aware that our address 
has changed to 16815 Von Karman Ave.  Irvine, CA 92606 and our 
new Technical Support hours are between 8:00-6:00 PST at 
714-553-6678 if you need help.  
For  Windows 95 Users: 
"How do I get to my dos prompt?"
To exit to your dos prompt, click on your start button located ion 
the lower left hand corner of your screen.  Select 'shutdown', 
then select the third option down 'restart the computer in MS-DOS 
mode', and click on yes.  This should bring you to your dos prompt, 
then follow the instructions at the beginning of this document. 
"When I use bootme to boot my system, I cannot access my CD-ROM drive"
Windows 95 will often disable your CD-ROM device driver located in 
your autoexec.bat.  Bootme does not take this into account, so you 
must manually re-enable it.  To do this, with your new boot disk in 
the A:\> drive, type the following at the C:\>prompt.
Edit A:\ autoexec.bat.
This will bring your autoexec.bat up on the screen.  Look for the 
line which contains MSCDEX.  An example would be:
rem-By windows setup-LH C:\ WINDOWS\COMMAND\MSCDEX /D: MSCD000 /M:12
You can re-enable this line by deleting the 'rem- By windows setup-'.  
The corrected line should read: 
Click on 'file', then click on 'save', and reboot your system with 
the new configuration.
*Still having problems?*
If your hardware is not configured for DOS operation you must 
contact the manufacturer of your computer for assistance in 
configuring your system for DOS.
*** AWE 32 ***
dAwe32:  When running in dos, please use SoundBlaster 16 for your midi setup.
Q:  Why won't the game install on to my hard drive?
A:  Make sure that you have sufficient space available on your hard
drive for the installation (at least 30Mb).  Check that you 
are running the INSTALL program from your CD-ROM drive, and 
that the CD is in your drive.  It is typically safest to 
choose the default settings when you install a game like
Blood & Magic.
Q:  Why won't the game load?
A:  Make certain that you are in the correct DOS directory (usually
C:\INTRPLAY\BAM) when you enter the BAM command.  As stated 
under System Requirements, you need at least 8Mbs (16Megs
Recommended) of memory to run the game.
A:  If you have a SoundBlaster AWE32 card and EMM386 is being loaded 
in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file or your Win95 "Blood & Magic.PIF" 
file, try removing EMM386 and rebooting. Also be sure that 
the you are running the AWEUTIL.EXE that came with your sound
software.  This should be located in your C:\SB32 directory. 
Another option would be to select SoundBlaster 16 for Midi.
Q:  Do I need to configure EMS or XMS memory?
A:  So long as you have at least 400Kb of available DOS memory, and
5Mb of available XMS, then you should run fine.  To check 
both the total and available memory of your system, enter ]
MEM /C at the C: prompt.  For Dos Only.
Q:  Will Blood & Magic run under Windows'95?
A:  Yes, BAM will run under Windows'95.
Q:  Why doesn't the sound or music play?
A:  Make sure that your speakers or headphones are plugged in to your
PC correctly, and that your speakers are switched on and have 
power. When you finish setting up your sound during the
installation routine, test both sound effects and music.  If 
everything sounds okay, then select the OK option on your settings.
If you ever need to re-configure your sound or music, change to
the directory where Blood & Magic is located, then run the 
SNDSETUP program.
* (If you run AUTODETECT more than once, then the program will
assume that its first choice was incorrectz, and select a
different sound card. This may result in an incorrect
configuration.  To remedy this, either continue to run 
AUTODETECT until the correct settings return, or manually
configure your sound card)
Q:  Will auto-detection of my sound card work in Windows'95?
A:  Auto-detection of your sound card may be unreliable under 
Windows'95.  If you encounter problems using the AUTODETECT
function, and you are unable to configure your sound card settings
manually, then we recommend that you restart your computer in DOS 
mode and try AUTODETECT again.  To do this, click on START, then
choose SHUTDOWN, and then choose RESTART IN MS-DOS MODE.  If the 
option RESTART IN MS-DOS MODE is not available in your SHUTDOWN 
menu, then it is likely that your computer does not have a full
version of DOS installed.
Q:  Why doesn't my Mouse function correctly in the game?
A:  You must have the correct mouse driver loaded before you run Blood
& Magic.  The method for doing this can vary from one mouse to the
next, so you should consult your system documentation.  If your 
mouse is behaving erratically during the game, then contact the 
mouse manufacturer and ask for an updated driver.
Q:  Where can I get help beyond this Troubleshooting section?
A:  Contact Interplay's product support department at 714-553-6678.
*** CREDITS ***
Vas Nokhoudian
Game Designer
Project Manager
Art Director
Lead Writer
John Hamilton
Lead Programmer
(Game Engine)
Junior Lead Programmer
(Main Game logic)
Kevin Sherrill
Applications Programmer
(Cinematics and Support Screens)
Tramell "T-Ray" Isaac
Character and Environment Animator
Brian Menze
Inset and Portrait Artist
Map Designer and Artist
Jana Darkoski
Map Designer and Artist
Leigh Kellogg
Map Designer and Artist
Campaign Portrait Artist
Maurice Morgan
Tartyron Unbound
Matchmaker Mayhem
Nuts and !Bolts
Peter Ledger
Howl of Vengeance
Alex Nino
Harvest of Horrors
Dan McMillan
Matchmaker Mayhem
Brian Menze
Nuts and !Bolts
Computer Artist (all stories)
John Crane
Brian Hughes
Kimberly L. Bowdish
Russell Woods
John Hamilton
Chris Iden
Kevin Sherrill
Kimberly L. Bowdish
John Crane
Ila Shadday
Eric C. Heitman
Tramell "T-Ray" Isaac
Rob Collier
Brian Menze
Deena Ellis
Cheri Loyd
Ernst Shadday
Jay Esparza
Bryan Ellis
Chris Iden
Head Honcho
Marie Iden
Big Cheese
Nancy Grimsley
Story Prologue Writer
Paycheck Fairy
Sonia Graves
Office Wrangler
Shelly Sischo
Office Wrangler
Rachel Ackerman
Assistant Wrangler
Donna Wyatt
Paycheck Fairy
Ron Saltmarsh
Lead Music Composer
Sound Effects Composer
Andy Warr
Music Composer
Sound Effects Composer
Shaun Mitchell
Cartoon Colorist Manager
Mike Forest
Main Game
Howl of Vengeance
Tartyron Unbound
Legendary Campaign
Steve Kramer
Nuts and !Bolts
Harvest of Horrors
Legendary Campaign
Wendee Lee
Matchmaker Mayhem
Legendary Campaign
Melodee M. Spevack
Voice Director
Randy Vandegrift
Sound Technician
Greg Gill
Sound Technician
Michael McConnohie
Voiceworks Liaison
Brian Fargo
Head Honcho
Phil Adam
Big Cheese
Bill Church
Chris Benson
Assistant Producer
Feargus Urquhart
TSR Foreman
Todd Camasta
Art Consultant
Jay Patel
Michael Bernstein
Bill Dugan
MAC Consultant
Craig Owens
Lead Marketer
Genevieve Ostergard
Lead Public Relations
Zeb Cooke
Story Prologue Writer
Patrizia Scharli
Documentation Designer
Julian B. Ridley
International Product Manager
JBI, Los Angeles
International Translation
Gary Burke
Sylvie Nguyen
Additional Translation
Charles Deenan
Audio Director
Brian Luzietti
Music Director
Craig Duman
Audio Technician
Rick Jackson
Music Composer
FM Translation
Ron Valdez
Music Composer
FM Translation
Greg Allen
Sound Effects Composer
Sergio Bustamante
Voice Processing
QA Director
Chad Allison
Assistant Director
Colin Totman
John Werner
Lead Testers
Marvic Ambata 
Jason Nordgren
Anthony Taylor
Doug Avery
Steve Baldoni
Jeremy S. Barnes
Evan Chantland 
Marc Duran
Casey Fawcett
Matt Golembiewski
Dave Hendee
Greg Hersch
Ron Hodge
Darrell Jones
Chris Keenan
Erick Lujan
Amy Mitchell
Matt Murakami
Glenn Murray
Phuong Nguyen
David Oh
Stephan Reed 
Usana Shadday
Kyle Shubel
Shelby Strategier
Anthony Taylor
Steve Victory
Frank Wesolek
Chris Peak
Robert Minnick
Jim Ward
Head Honcho
Dave Wise
Forgotten Realms Manager
Julia Martin
Forgotten Realms Consultant
This game is dedicated to the
memory of Peter Ledger
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