This utility modified a binary EDID file and disables EDID extensions and updates the checksum. This can be used as an override for nVidia’s linux drivers that assume your monitor is a TV.

Download, extract, make.

Version 1.2 Usage: ./edid_disable_exts [–to-dvi] [input_file] [output_file]

Keeps the extensions but removes audio information and the HDMI identifier. This should make an HDMI device appear to be DVI.

By default this utility removes ALL extension blocks including audio and advanced resolution/refresh information from the EDID.

See Fixing DVI/HDMI Displays due to EDID bugs on nVidia drivers
or Fixing Linux HDMI audio with EDID modification for more information on why you might use this.

Version 1.2 (latest)

AMD64 Binaryedid_disable_exts_amd64_static_v1.2.tgz