Table of Contents


First off, a few warnings.

This “manual” is meant to provide the information that maybe should have been included with the game. It will try to avoid spoilers as much as possible. Furthermore, it may be incomplete or inaccurate, please contact me if you would like me to add or correct some information. You can send me mail here: tim at

The other warning is about choices in the game itself. Some actions have permanent effects in this game. Specially, they affect your alignment and consequently the ending you receive.

Playing the Game

Controller Support

Steam lists at partial controller suport, but game features full controller support (without remapping features). The game is mapped to use the DPAD for motion controls. The Xbox 360 controller works well. For a list of the key/button mappings, see the only page of the official manual

Backing up your Save

To backup your save, simplly copy the contents of the Elliot Quest folder, located here: C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\Elliot Quest

Levelling Up

The maximum level is 20. You start at level one, meaning you will max out with 19 points to assign, spend them wisely.


As mentioned in the warning, doing certain things will modify your character’s alignment. Here is an incomplete list:

Shift alignment towards Good:
  • Return bombs to boy in town
  • Graveyard rescue
  • Kill Tema Boss
Shift alignment towards Evil:
  • Opening town's people's treasure chests
  • Team up with Rogue
  • Destroy Goddess


Teaming up reduces your characters alignment value. If you do team up, Rogue will randomly jump in and attack foes at random intervals, this is not always a good thing.


Before making a decision at this point, you probably want to read this.

Destroying the Goddess not only shifts you toward evil, it also stops you from collecting the shovel item.


Stat Incrementors

HeartGives Elliot more health.
Half HeartCollect two of these to give elliot a full heart of health.
Green PotGives Elliot more mana.
Experience ScrollGives Elliot a large amount of experience.


Red PotionRestore health
Green PotionRestore mana
Yellow PotionRestore health and mana
FeatherExit current dungeon

Keys & Misc

Blue Chest KeyAllows you to open the Blue Chests throughout the game.
Door KeysThese are scattered around the island and let you enter various locked areas.
Dungeon Door KeyThese open sections of dungeons and allow you to progress.
Large Dungeon Door KeyKey to unlock a Guardian door.
CrystalThese do not look like keys, but they do unlock magical doors.
MapFills out your map so you can track what areas you need to visit.


Wind MagicDefensive mobility magic.
Fire MagicBurn things!
Earth MagicImpact forces at work.
Ice MagicFreeze things!
Fairy In a BottleLet the fairy out to see further and manipulate some things.

Power Ups

AmuletAllows Elliot to push some stone blocks.
Blue BookProvides slow mana regeneration.
Bomb BagsAllows Elliot to carry four bombs per bag. Collect all four bags!
CandleLight lanterns in the dark.
Dash BootsFaster movement at critical times.
MirrorSwap some blocks from the background to the foreground and back.
ShovelLets elliot dig in the sand. What will he find?
Winged BootsLets Elliot bounce off green blobby guys.
WingsDouble jump for greater height and distance!

Combat Equipment

ShieldBlocks enemy projectiles.
Golden ShieldBlock more enemy projectiles.
Iron ArrowSecond tier attack damage.
White ArrowThird tier attack damage.
HelmetAdded defense against enemies.
Golden HelmetMore defense against enemies.

Quest Items

Yellow Mushroom???
Shell Shards???

Non-functional collectables

These have no apparent effect on the game other than to show up as being collected.

Lettuce shaped stoneA lettuce shaped stone called lettuce shaped stone.
Monster BagMonster Bag by ID1 Clothing
Top HatThe Top Hat has something written inside it–It reads “From Zombey to TheOnlyBit”
Origin of this WorldThe elders say it’s the origin of this world.
Mystical SurfboardThis is Corey’s Mystical Surfboard. May it improve your life as it did his!